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Royal Flooring- Granite CountertopsWhen it comes to stone countertops, granite is among the most popular option. This is because granite countertops work wonders for your property by increasing the value, functionality, and beauty of your rooms. Super sturdy and hard, granite is a naturally occurring igneous rock that comes in a very wide range of colors and textures. The stones used for granite countertop installation are imported from locations around the world, bringing you a beautiful selection with a look that varies by region. When you prepare food on your new granite countertops, you are actually using materials that came directly from nature!

If you’re interested in granite countertop installation, call the professionals at Royal Flooring today. We will help you pick out the perfect shade and style from an expansive selection of over 200 varieties and install your countertop with skill and precision. We also offer a special on stainless steel sink installation with the purchase of a granite countertop. Call today to learn more.

Pros and Cons

All building and home improvement materials have their upsides and downsides, and granite countertops are no exception. Some pros of granite countertop installation include:

Royal Flooring- Bathroom CounterThe cons of granite countertop installation include:

The professionals at Royal Flooring will install countertops in both homes and businesses. We offer you complete service, from helping you select the shade and texture of your custom granite countertop to measuring your space to safely and securely installing, shaping, and sealing your chosen stone. Granite can be cumbersome and heavy, especially in slab form, so be sure to trust the professionals to take care of every step of the job. The staff at Royal Flooring personally fabricates all of our granite, and we work hard to only acquire the highest quality pieces that nature has to offer. So if you’re interested in learning more about the bathroom or kitchen counter top installation process and how granite countertops can benefit you, call Royal Flooring today.

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